Boiler Service plans with a local company

Peace of mind with a local company providing you with a full-service cover of your boiler.

Matthews Boiler Care Plan- £11.99 per month

Our boiler service care package includes so much more than a basic service and our attention to detail will ensure your boiler lasts as long as it should while ensuring everything is safe & sound.

Boiler Care Package – Basic to include

  • Standard inspection of boiler inside and out

  • Operation of the boiler and controls

  • Gas analysis of boiler and readings confirmed with Manufacturers instructions

  • Cleaning of condense trap

  • Full check of install to ensure they conform to Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations

  • Inspection of flue and pipework directly connected with an appliance

Our package extras included

We include the following as an additional extra free of charge as part of our regular boiler service checks.

  • Gas Tightness test of gas supply to ensure the utmost safety

  • Bleeding of radiators to clear air

  • Visual inspection of hot water cylinder

  • Provide a full inspection sheet of boiler service

  • free printing of boiler instructions should they be missing* subject to availability online and on van printers working

  • free service folder for all paperwork

  • Fixed price and will not increase 

  • 10% off all plumbing works and repair excluding new boilers or bathroom installs.

  • If a strip down service is required only parts will be charged for**

  • Priority online booking of boiler service!!


 This plan does not include repairs

£11.99 per month* terms apply 12 months strict contract.

Boiler services under our package are carried out between March - October creating a new anniversary date for your boiler service. Should your boiler be due a service now a reduced fee of £60+vat will be charged.


We shall give you priority attendance should you have any problems with your system, we will also remind you each year of your service by text and email.

Should your boiler need replacing, we will provide you with free portable heaters until we are able to replace your boiler.

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