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Expert Boiler Servicing & Maintenance Packages for Your Home

Serving Haywards Heath and Surrounding Communities: Reliable Boiler Care Near You

The Essentiality of Regular Boiler Servicing

At Matthews Plumbing & Maintenance, we cannot stress enough the critical nature of regular boiler servicing.


Beyond a mere recommendation, it's an absolute necessity for safeguarding your household, rental properties, or family homes.


Servicing your boiler annually isn't just about fulfilling a routine checklist; it's about ensuring safety, prolonging the unit's operational life, and maintaining efficiency.

A comprehensive service touches on numerous aspects, from inspecting safety devices to cleaning crucial components and testing system efficiency.


Such maintenance is pivotal in preventing unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs, ensuring your boiler operates smoothly throughout the year.

Moreover, boiler manufacturers now stipulate regular servicing as a condition of their warranty. Neglecting this crucial maintenance can lead to voided warranties, leaving you unprotected against potential malfunctions.

FAULT On your system

Boiler fault callout service, contorls, boilers, cylinders, all covered with our professional fault finding

One off yearly service

No commitment, one off boiler service.

Great for those selling, moving.

Complete care packages

Monthly payments to cover the yearly service with options to provide total care of your system 

replacement boiler 

Complete replacement to design.

We have you covered

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Our Service Areas: Keeping Your Home Comfortable Across Sussex

We're dedicated to providing professional boiler servicing, plumbing, and heating solutions throughout Sussex.

At Matthews Plumbing & Maintenance, no matter where you're located, you can expect the same high level of service and expertise. Here are the primary areas we cover:

  • - Haywards Heath

  • - Burgess Hill

  • - Cuckfield

  • - Ditchling

  • - Crawley

  • - Shoreham-by-Sea

  • - Worthing

  • - Ardingly

  • - Lewes

  • - Horsham

...and all the towns and villages in between! Whether you're in the heart of a bustling town or a serene village, we’re here to ensure your home remains comfortable, safe, and efficient. If you don’t see your location listed, just get in touch. Chances are, we've got you covered.


Why choose us?

Choosing Matthews Plumbing means entrusting your boiler to Gas Safe registered professionals (Reg. No. 626194) committed to delivering excellence. With extensive experience in servicing boilers across Haywards Heath and its surrounding communities, we ensure your heating system remains reliable, safe, and efficient.

Discover our tailored boiler servicing and maintenance packages designed to meet your needs and exceed expectations. Because at Matthews Plumbing, your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

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