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Tops tips to be winter ready

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

The colder months are most certainly on the way and we want to give you some quick, simple tips to get you winter ready for FREE.

Stop pipes freezing
Avoid frozen taps this winter

1. Isolate any water supply to exterior outside taps.

Outside taps and pipework can suffer during the cold months.

Water trapped in the tap or pipework freezes, expands and causes a leak.

This can simply be avoided by isolating the supply indoors and open the tap to allow it to drain.

Mains water stopcock
Typical indoor stopcock

2. Know where your stopcock!

Knowing how to turn off your water mains in an emergency is a must!

Should you be in an emergency, whereas a pipe was to burst then before calling any plumber, the first step should be to isolate the supply and limit the damage.

Typical places to look if you do not know;

Under your kitchen sink, under the stairs or in a downstairs cupboard.

Even isolating via the outside road stopcock is an option.

3. Insulate pipework

Seems simple enough but sadly often missed under floors, in attics and outbuildings.

Even careless workman removing and not putting back when carrying out maintenance.

15mm and 22mm foam insulation are cheaper than chips.

Available from many outlets like HPS, Screwfix and alike or contact us for a quotation.

4. Keep your heating ambient

I know, I know, we are constantly reminded to save energy and money but keeping an ambient temperature during freezing weather could save your property from great damage.

We advise should you be out for the day set your temperature between 12-14 degrees and long periods away from your home set between 8 - 10 degrees.

5. Get your boiler serviced and fixed during summer months

Our boilers during the summer are taken for granted, leaving your boiler service to late winter could leave you without heating or hot water.

If you come across a problem with your boiler during a service that could be dangerous this will lead to your boiler being switched off until a part can be sourced.

We advise booking service between March and October but up to and into December if needs be.

Book your service with us now online

6. Bleed them radiators

Go around and bleed your radiators to clear air out of them that can cause cold spots and even airlocks.

If you need help, please let us know, and we can attend to bleed radiators at a set fee of £35+vat, including balancing.

Or check out our self-help guide in our blog section.

Should we be able to help with any plumbing, heating or maintenance work please contact us via our enquiry form or 24-hour office number 01444 672796

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