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Gas Safety Checks CP12's Haywards Heath

Matthews Plumbing and Maintenance are a  fully registered business with Gas Safe registration number 626194 in Haywards heath covering all domestic gas works along with boiler servicing and gas safety checks CP12's.


While both are very important, they are two separate jobs carried out on a boiler or property as a whole.

A service does not cover a landlords safety certificate, just as a CP12 doesn't count as a boiler service.


Gas Safety Certification - CP12 - Landlords certification

By law landlords or responsible persons of the property (estate agents) must ensure "as far as reasonably practical" that all gas appliances including all pipework are safe.


During an appliance, safety check our engineers will cover out a range of checks that include every gas appliance including the pipework and gas meter.


We will check:-

  • The safety features of each appliance are working

  • ensure all appliances are not releasing harmful gasses into the home and that they are expelled out of the property via appropriate vents or flues

  • Ensure Gas boiler, Cookers, Hobs and fires are working at correct gas pressures and correct if needed

  • check ventilation routes are effective and clear


A certificate will be provided on completion with a copy for tenant and landlord.


If you want to book a CP12 urgently then please text or call us

- Urgent is because expiry of previous CP12 is very soon or the property is about to be let.


For all non-urgent CP12's quotes and enquires please Email us or contact on the provided form below and we should come back to you within 24hrs

Gas engineer haward heath
Gas Safe Engineer Haywards Heath

New online booking for all Gas boiler servicing and Safety checks

If you want to book an appointment to suit your schedule, then look no further than our new bespoke online booking system that allows you to choose a date up to 52 weeks in advance.
All prices and information are displayed as you go through the booking process, however, should you need more information, different dates/times or we do not have availability please call us to discuss or fill out a service request form.

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