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Boiler Servicing & Warranties

COVID-19 effects on normal operations

It's anything other than business as usual but we are doing our utmost to help our clients and one big question is upcoming servicing that forms part of a boiler warranty.

SO, firstly boiler servicing is very important but in the circumstances we shall not carryout routine servicing and shall contact everyone in the coming months to re-schedule your service.

Should you have a problem with your boiler, please contact us as we are attending urgent jobs subject to a risk assessment.


So each manufacturer has a different stance, this is the information I currently have.

Glow-Worm and Vaillant

Any services due between February - June 2020 can be completed anytime durin

g 2020 to keep the boiler warranty valid.

If you are a customer of ours, we shall follow up with you when everything is back to normal operations to organise.

If you are not a current customer of ours, please email us at enquiry@matthews-plumbing.co.uk and we can put you on our list.


During this period of uncertainty, Worcester are extending a flexible allowance of up to 6 months after its due date.

Currently we have no other information from other boiler brands, we recommend you attempt to contact your boiler manufacturer via facebook or email to see where you stand.

If you need any help , please contact me via email


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