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Gas Safety Top Tips 2019

Matthews Plumbing and Maintenance ltd are supporting the Gas Safety Register during Gas Safety week 2019 bringing awareness around the dangers of Gas and appliances in your home and business.

Our top tip is a no brainier and should be carried out without a second thought.


Boiler service and unsafe appliance
Applaince Servicing - Gas Safety Week

Servicing an appliance really should not be something you have an option to do.

It is vital a service / safety check is carried out, so many factors can effect the safe workings of your boiler that could lead to devastating circumstances if something went wrong.

A blocked flue for instances could push Carbon Monoxide into your property and potentially kill occupants.

Manufactures stipulate within there instructions that a safety check must be done yearly to ensure the boiler is working as it should.

Matthews Plumbing and Maintenance ltd as standard check all gas pipework including a tightness test, fully check the appliance combustion readings, check for leaks and and problems that may arise in the future without attention.

2. Install a working CO alarm in any room with a gas, LPG, Oil or fuel appliance / fire.

A CO alarm could literally save lives.

Carbon Monoxide is poisonous gas that has no smell or taste.

Breathing it in can make you unwell and it can kill you if exposed at high levels.

Sadly every year there are around 60 deaths occur from accidental carbon monoxide incidents.

Symptoms of CO poisoning

The symptoms of CO poisoning monoxide are no always obvious, particularly during low-level exposure.

A Tension-type headache is a very common symptom, others are;

1. dizziness

2. Feeling and being sick

3. Tiredness and confusion

4. Stomach pain

5. Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing

Contact your GP or call 101 if you think you are effected by CO poisoning.

Exit your property immediately and enter fresh air.

We can install a CO alarm professionally for £30+vat, simply contact us to book an appointment here.

Or purchase your own CO alarm and follow the manufacturers instructions.

3. Ensure engineers are registered with Gas Safe

This is so important and sadly there are many "engineers" that work illegally.

A simple check on the gas safe register can reveal if they can work work on your gas appliance.

Matthews Plumbing and Maintenance are registered with Gas Safe to work on Naturual gas boilers, cookers and Hobs.

Check us out online now via the Gas Safe Register here

If we are unable to help you, simply input your postcode and you will see all your local registered engineers.

4. Ask your engineer for his Gas Safe ID Card.

All gas safe engineers have a gas safe ID card and these are renewed every year.

You can check online to ensure the engineer is still registered also.

On the back of the card is a list of qualification that relate to tasks the engineer is trained and allowed to carry out.

Simply ask us to show you our ID card.

5. Smell Gas? Contact 0800 111 999

If you smell gas the immediately get yourself to a safe place, do not turn on lights, appliances or anything with an ignition source.

Once in a safe please contact gas emergency line and follow their advise

Matthews Plumbing and maintenance ltd supporting Gas safety week 2019
Matthews Plumbing Gas Safety Tips

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